How to Become a Bodyguard

Jessica Ansley · August 10, 2022

Interested in a Career protecting celebrities, politicians, government big shots, and wealthy families – people that may be targets of violence or harassment.

A bodyguard’s job title may change regularly, and that’s why we’ve but together this step-by-step course for you to discover what work as an bodyguard and working in the executive protection industry really means.

Hollywood portrays the career of a bodyguard as a glorious, action packed job. What’s a real career as a Body Guard entail?

While some bodyguards may tote machine guns, perform evasive driving in armored cars, or use martial arts skills to fend off six bad guys it’s not typical. Instead, bodyguards are keen observers of security issues. They must have excellent hearing and vision.

They have a sixth sense about security issues – eyeing an overeager paparazzi, controlling crowds at a political rally, or sorting out uninvited guests at a wedding. Bodyguards assess threats and deal with them as necessary – usually this doesn’t mean choreographed fight scenes and fast cars. It means surveillance, route planning, car searches, or just being a close, visually intimidating physical presence.

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What You’ll Learn

You’ll know what it means to be a professional bodyguard and in a position to decide if you’re a career that may require you to be involved perform tasks like managing crowds, securing areas, and drive clients to different locations. Bodyguards must always be prepared to assess a potentially dangerous situation, detain suspects, and use force when necessary. Bodyguards’ schedules ultimately depend on their client’s needs, but they often have to work flexible schedules that include can nights and weekends.

  • 6 keys to qualifying for becoming a guard!
  • What type of work you’ll need to be prepared for
  • How much experience you’ll need before getting started
  • The 4 times you can expect to get assignments
  • The three reasons you should consider being in this industry
  • The five financial incentives to consider
  • The six opportunities that become available after gradulation

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Jessica is a certified firearms instructor and graduate of EPI: Class 66 May 2010. with over 15 years of experience in private security operations nationally and internationally. Currently in her role as the Recruitment and Compliance for Executive Protection Institute she also acts as Director of Operations for International Protection Group.

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