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Elevate your career without the usual hurdles of traditional training. Our courses blend proven techniques with the latest industry insights, offering a dynamic path to advanced skills.

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We are honored to provide training to the finest government, private and corporate protective teams in the world. We also offer professional executive protection services.

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Advanced Skills Acquistion

Our courses go beyond the basics, offering deep dives into complex scenarios and cutting-edge tactics. From advanced surveillance countermeasures to sophisticated risk assessment, you’ll develop the high-level skills needed to excel in today’s demanding executive protection industry.

Credibility and Recognition:

Completing our courses earns you recognized certifications, showcasing your commitment and proficiency to employers and peers. These credentials are a mark of distinction in the executive protection field, enhancing your professional standing and opening new career opportunities.

Be Your Best Self

Our training is rooted in real-world applicability, ensuring you can adapt your skills to any situation. Learn to navigate in corporate environments to high-threat assignments, with confidence and competence. This practical focus equips you with the versatility required to succeed in this dynamic field.

Executive Protection

At the Executive Protection Institute (EPI), we encourage our students to be proactive, cater to the client’s needs, and to avoid problems and threats. We have gone beyond all bodyguard schools. You will leave EPI knowing how to prevent and handle accidents, medical emergencies and deliberate attacks. We focus on advance planning and assessments in each of our Executive Protection related training platforms. EPI has many course offerings designed to meet your individual personal protection training needs ranging from online webinars and seminars to Personal Protection Specialist (PPS) Virginia DCJS approved course. Check our Protection Training Calendar for current course offerings.

Protection Specialty Courses

Executive Protection Institute provides training for all aspects within the Personal Protection Training. EPI understands the importance of diversifying the individual protectors’ capabilities and has established several specialty courses to address specific slices of the protection industry pie like technology and OSINT, behavioral analysis, business of security, physical security, executive protection training for law enforcement and so forth. View our Training Calendar for upcoming courses.

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Go Beyond Old School Body Guards. Become a protection pro browse our library of 100+ executive protection training tutorials.

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"Revolutionizing the Way Essential Protective Skills are Learned, Enhanced, and Sustained."

A New Approach To Learning, Developing, And Maintaining Essential Protective Skills
Flexibility and Convernience

Online learning allows students to engage with course material on their own schedule and pace, making it ideal for balancing professional and personal commitments.

Interactive and Collaborative Learning:

Modern online platforms offer interactive tools and collaborative features, enhancing engagement and peer-to-peer learning experiences.

Up To Date Content

Online training programs can be updated more quickly and frequently, ensuring that students are learning the most current and relevant information in their field.

Accessibility to Expert Resources

With online training, students have access to top-tier instructors and resources from around the world, which might not be available locally.

Cost Effectiveness

Online courses often reduce or eliminate costs associated with travel, accommodation, and physical materials, making high-quality training more affordable.

Ongoing Support and Networking

Online platforms typically provide ongoing support and networking opportunities, enabling students to build professional connections and receive continuous guidance even after course completion.

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